View Full Version : Has anyone heard the newer MB Quarts?

Kai Winters
03-26-2007, 08:11 PM
Hi all,
I am a MB Quart fan and am looking for a pair to replace my 5 year old Discus DKD-116 6 1/2" speakers in my front doors.
Unfortunately there are no stores in my area that carry MB's, that I am aware of. I purchased the 116's in MA when I was living in that state. I guess I will have to buy them online so I am hoping some of you have had heard the models I am listing and will tell me what you think.

1: RUA-216 $150 at Crutchfield
2: RVF-216 $150 at CarDomain
3: DSG-216 $230 at CarDomain
These are all component sets which ought to be much better than my coaxials but I have heard that MB quality is not as good as it used to be now that they are under new ownership.
These will all fit my '98 Altima with a bit of modification for the tweeters and crossover.
If you do not feel these are of good quality please feel free to suggest another brand/model in this price range.
My other components are listed below though I am considering replacing the amp with a more powerful 4 channel.

I have auditioned the JL VR650-CSi at my local shop and did like them very much but my ears like the tone of MB Quarts. I have also found a shop that carries Polk within 30 miles and will check them out. I am probably going to have to go to Syracuse, 70 miles S of my home, to have more of a selection.

W8 a minute
03-27-2007, 01:43 AM
Dude, you can get the QSC216's on ebay for nearly the price of those DSG's.

03-27-2007, 10:17 AM
Just get crystal sscs6 components. They will sound much better than anything on your list and can be had for around 160

03-27-2007, 10:20 AM
Although MB Quart has changed hands, they still make a quality product. For about $200, you can snag a PCE-216 component set on eBay. They're excellent speakers, and you might want to give them a look.