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03-26-2007, 01:07 AM
Alright fellaz, a few of you will be pissed at the review I am about to give on this amp, but here goes.

I get a phone call from a buddy of my over at the firestation saying "You won't believe what I just bought." I knew that he was in the market for buying an amp, but that was all that I was aware of. I get over to his garage and he has this BEAUTIFUL looking amp sitting on the floor. At first I was like "When did APPLE start making amplifiers?" He immediately laughed at me along with a few of the other fellaz because of my ignorance to sleeper car audio companies. Once I picked it up and looked at the name, I told him that I was under the impression that ALPHASONIK was just as bad as Pyramid. He told me no they are pretty good BUDGET amps, but they will really surprise you with their actual output. I also noticed that they didn't have any EXTERNAL fuses. He let's a buddy of ours hook up his Orion HCCA D5000 to his Memphis M3 MOJO D2 (Of course he didn't turn the gain all the way up) so that we could compare the two. After about ten minutes of listening to the Orion, he hooked up the ALPHASONIK to the mojo. We could not tell the difference between the two amps. We judged inside the car and outside the car. The Alphasonik held it's own against a much more quality in Orion (:laugh:). The one noticeable difference in the amp is the appearance of the ALPHASONIK, the remote voltage display was also a plus, but not neccessarily needed. I have never seen a **** HOURS meter on an amp before........Cool feature to have especially when you have guys that claimed that they only used their amp for about 10 hours knowing that they have had it for like a year.
As this get's too **** long, I just wanted to post that the ALPHASONIK PMA1000DA when being compared to the ORION HCCA D5000, that their is no audible difference. Both amps were ran down to 1 ohm. We couldn't turn the gains all the way up because of fear of blowing the MOJO.
The Orion HCCA D5000 is about $850 from an authorized dealer
The ALPHASONIK PMA1000DA is about $650 from an authorized dealer.

I am still a little reluctant to buy the Alphasonik over the Orion, but DIRECTED has taken a turn for the worst, first in Customer Service and now in product quality and integrity. I hope this review helps a few of you.

10-02-2010, 02:57 PM
No not really for some reason alot of people have slept on these amps. I have the pma800da and this things runs at 2 ohms no problem and it puts out more than rated i had it running a soundstream T-4 12 AND A INTERFIRE pro-v 12 and it pushes them to the extreme. i had it down to 1 ohm for 3 months with not a hint of a problem got a little warm not hot, needless to say i fried the voice coils on the T-4. Also got a class a/b THAT IS CRYSTAL CLEAR. Dont know about the quality of the internals but judging from what i have heard from these amps they must be decent quality.

04-04-2011, 11:24 AM
i know this thread is very old but i will chime in also being as though i now have had 3 of these amps. First off i bought a 1000d back in 02-03 to run 4 boston pro12's wasnt entirely impressed but i believe it was the box not being built to spec, i then took it back and got the 1200d and have had it ever since. I changed the subs cuz they didnt sound like they could hang so with the fear of blowing them i just sold them and got eclipse alums which i still have. That amp has run 1 ohm for 6-7 years and quite on me in the summer of 09 with about 1260 hours of play. I loved that amp and was heartbroke when it went down. I was told by a repair shop it could be fixed cuz they couldnt find a skematic on it and with the company being out of business there was no way they could get it. I still have this amp and look at everyday refusing to toss it. I also bought at the same time the pma4150 class ab 4 channel. This one actually is still going but 1 of the channels went out, i just sold it last week. Sounded great to me powering my comps all these years. I now have a 1000d that i bought off of someone just trying to make a little money it looks like $hit but it performs. So in closing i would say i have a lot of experience with these amps and if i wasnt so scared of them going down on me without being able to repair, I would buy again. Hope this helps a little. Check out my avatar

01-07-2012, 08:40 PM
alphasonik has always been a real good amp from way on back in the day and they do put out more than rated. 20 years ago in high school i had an alphasonik 140, it was rms 70 watts x2 channel, that thing pounded a set of 12's, i wish i kept it!