View Full Version : PLEASE!!! Help me round out my system

03-25-2007, 10:23 AM
Whats up guys? I am currently running 4 6 1/2 inch Infinnity Kappas on a Rockford 60x4 amp. 2 15 inch L7s powerd by 2 Kicker 750ZX.1 amps. I also have a Alpine 9857 HU. I want to add a pair of 6x9s for more mids and highs. I was thinking of the Kappa 6x9s but i heard the Pionerr REVs are awsome. I found some TSD 690R-REVs for a good price and i need some opinions. I was thinking of running them with a Kicker 200.2 ZX amp. The REVs are 80 watts max on music and the Kicker amp is 70Wx2 @ 4 ohms. Would that be a good match? Im open to any suggestions. I will be ordering somthing today so any help i get is greatly appreciated. Also im going to order off Woofers ETC.com, are they good to deal with? Thanks guys