View Full Version : Advice for 2006 Dodge ram qc

03-23-2007, 06:36 PM
I have a 2006 Dodge Ram Quad Cab. It has the Infinity system with 7 speakers. 6x9 mid bass in front doors, 3.5" in dash, 5.25 in rear doors. I want to replace whole system with GPS/DVD head unit, components in front, sub or subs in rear under seat, fills in rear doors with appropriate power amp or amps.

Locally I can get Dynaudio, Memphis, JL, Boston and Diamond speakers. I have only been able to listen to Memphis and Diamond but nobody has the good stuff set up to listen to.

I am thinking about really good components up front, 7" or 6.5" with tweeters mounted in dash where factory 3.5"'s are, 2 10" subs under rear seat, coaxials in rear doors 5.25" and either 5 channel amp or a 4 channel combined with a seperate sub amp.

What can you recomend as far as actual locations for comps and crossovers, brands etc. I would like to keep under $4,500.00 for everything if getting GPS or $3,500 if only get DVD head unit.