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03-14-2007, 07:34 PM
Hey guys, my name is Steve. I figured now would be a good time to introduce myself, ive been doing a little bit of posting here and figured it was about time i got around to this. Not only that but i have just finished compiling all of the components for my new system.

My previous system consisted of:
Headunit: Pioneer DEH-P7600MP
Amp: Pioneer GMX972 2 Channel
Subs: Alpine Type S - 4 Ohm DVC
Front Stage: Infinity Reference 6002i 6.5 Coaxials
Rear Stage: Rockford Fosgate Power T1462C 4 x 6 Coaxials

The amp was running the subs in mono bridged at 400 Watts RMS. After the basket broke on one sub i decided to give my system a makeover and some more bump. So i sold off all of my stuff, got exactly what i was looking for it and was ready to start fresh. I did not dislike anything about that setup, i was just looking for something new to try and experiment with since im pretty new to this game.

After quite a bit of research and price comparisons i chose the following gear:

Headunit: Pioneer DEH-P7800MP
Amp: Pioneer Premier PRS-D2000T
Subs: 2 10" Pioneer Premier TS-W1007D4 - 4 Ohm DVC's

I am planning on upgrading to 0 guage from the battery back when im ready to install this stuff. I kept my front and rear speakers, although the fronts will soon be getting replaced by a set of components and i will be picking up a 4 channel to give my speakers some more power. This new setup should sound great. I drive a 2004 Silverado and the next task at hand is to design a box that will house these 2 10's, i may even try to build a slot ported enclosure, not sure yet. Since im dragging on and everyone is probably about ready to fall asleep ill finish with one question. The new subs are 4 Ohm DVC's. I was planning on running the amp bridged at 600W RMS x 1 and wiring the subs accordingly. Hoiwever i was recently doing some research and found this wiring diagram for 1 4 Ohm DVC sub in which it can be wired for a 2 ohm load.


My amp will do 300W RMS x 2 a 2 ohms. Question being which is the better way to wire my subs in relation to my amp. Should i bridge the amp or run it using the 2 channels separately and wiring each sub to achieve a 2 ohm load? or does it matter?

Thanks for reading this, im excited about the new setup and cant wait to get it in.

03-16-2007, 10:20 AM