View Full Version : Headunit troubleshoot - no sound

03-10-2007, 10:03 PM
well i installed the radio, mounted the sirius antenna both of which look real clean. Ran into a snag though. The headunit is NOT producing any sound. It powers up.. memory works.. and i can "hear" the speakers "pop" with power when it turns on and when i switch sources.. but I am getting 0 music out of them. I pulled it out and checked my connections and its all working. So I have two scenarios in my head.. either the internal amp on the headunit is dead or (less likely) for some odd reason the internal amp turns off when I have all the pre-outs hooked up.. similar to how when you plug headphones into computer speakers they turn off. So tomorrow I am going to put my amps in and see if the headunit sends the signal through the RCA's or not. Very frustrating day today trying to troubleshoot this headunit. So the speakers and amps go in tomorrow.. man i hope they work.