View Full Version : Is My Mids Setup good For My Sub?

bones justice
03-09-2007, 08:02 PM
yo, i have a JBL GTO 12 Dual 4ohm sub, bout 300-400 rms. i have the following speakers for mids and hi's:

(1) 1 pair of Eminence 8'' Alpha series for the back dash
(2) 1 pair of Hollywood Sound Labs 6.5 components for the front

i have a Power Acoustik gothic 800 watt 4 channel amp to power my mids.
Channels 3 &4 bridged to power the Eminence 8's.
Channels 1&2 hooked up to the components, i channel to each side to better imaging.

Is this mids setup good. i have rockford fosgate punch 300D mono amp on the JBL. the rockford amp is 400 watts @ 2ohms

03-09-2007, 08:04 PM
there better out there then what you picked