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03-07-2007, 12:02 PM
I sent this message to stuckinok who purchased two amplifiers from me.

I sent him my US Amps which was well known to have a bad channel. I also sent him my Ampman Revolution amplifier which was working fine for me. I sent both of them out usps priority mail on Monday Feb 26th, he received the Ampman Revo on Wednesday morning, Feb 28th. He said in my for sale thread that the amp was in better condition than i had even described so i thought no more about it. Here is the link to him saying this. http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=216972&page=2

He tells me yesterday that the amp does not work and he wants his money back. Here is the message i sent to him just now.

Hi Jose, I spoke with the guy at Hi Fi Stereo over the phone this morning. He remembered a girl coming in there to get the amp installed in her Altima and that you were with her.

He said there are alot of factors that could have contributed to the amp problems. Bad installation attempt, bad speaker, anything. He confirmed that the amp worked for 10 minutes and went into protect. He told me that he had seen you in there prior to this to have work done (im not sure how often) and he said something about how he remembers you as a “do it yourselfer” but that you had been coming in there recently to get work done as well.

Again, the amp worked perfectly when i had it for over a month. It never shut off, it never had a problem, it never went into protect, nothing. I do not believe i am at fault in this case. I am sorry about the situation and when i do something wrong i allways own up to it, but in this case i have done nothing wrong. Im no thief and i would never sell a damaged item. I mean, i was upfront and honest about the US Amps 4 channel that i sold you. I told you that a channel was bad. I didnt try to hide this or anything in my auction on ebay. Why would i be honest about one amp but dishonest about the other. I spoke with the post office and there is nothing that they will be able to do since you did not request insurance and none was purchased.

At this point, my situation is that i sent out an amplifier which was working fine. Now it is not working fine and you want me to take it back. I dont see how I can accept it back in a non working condtion at this point. Im not sure what else there is that i can do.

03-07-2007, 10:11 PM
why do you keep bringing up the US Amp? i told you there is nothing wrong with the AX4300...its the Adire Amp that is jacked up you idiot i want my money back

03-07-2007, 10:14 PM
why do you keep bringing up the US Amp? i told you there is nothing wrong with the AX4300...its the Adire Amp that is jacked up you idiot i want my money back

So now im an idiot huh. To think, I was going to offer to pay half of the repair. But you have no class so i will not.

03-07-2007, 10:19 PM
So now im an idiot huh. To think, I was going to offer to pay half of the repair. But you have no class so i will not.

bullshit you told me your not responable for the repair no you wanna say you were going but not now because i hurt your feelings?.....

03-08-2007, 12:55 AM
Ive been talking to an amp repairman for a couple of hours now. He said that whoever soldered it could have left a little solder on the pins and shorted it. Or dripped solder somewhere and a bead of solder could have dropped and done worse. Since the amp worked fine for me, it is highly possible that this is what happened. It would make sense that it works for a little while and cuts out now.

This guy who said this to me is a highly respected member on this forum. He fixes amps. If you take good pictures of the inside of the amp i can get them to him and he can tell me if its an easy fix or not. He will be able to fix it if you like or tell what is wrong if its an easy fix.

I hope you realize that people are going out of there way for you even though it is not deserved because of your attitude towards me. Im continuing to help you even though you are being a complet a$$hole to me. Im only continuing to waste my time on this because i value my reputation on this site and i have honor. If you continue to badmouth me, you're on your own.

05-09-2007, 12:31 AM
Update. Paypal sided with me on his chargeback a couple of weeks ago. Coincidentally, he has not been on here in a month. Im sure he has another id. His name is Jose Cinco Jr. Be very careful when dealing with him or he will try some underhanded **** like he did with me.

Told me he was going to send me back the amplifier so i could get it fixed or see what is wrong with it, then 10 days later said he forgot to send it out or something, then 2 weeks later told me his brother or someone forgot to send it to me. whatever, like you wouldnt keep on top of him to send it out as compulsive about your money as you are.

Then he files a second "unauthorized" claim with paypal after they deny his first "not as described" claim. Nice try buddy. Im sure you have a new user id. on here and thats why you havent been on here for so long. Very strange since you havent been away from this forum this long since you registered here.

05-09-2007, 01:13 AM
What a jackass. Why would you tell someone about one amp being damaged but not the other? That's BS on his part. I purchased from alty and he described the item perfect. VERY VERY nice guy to deal with and talk to. That makes me wanna go to Lawton and have me some fun.... :-)