View Full Version : Tuned my front speakers need input

02-28-2007, 03:01 PM
I need some input on this, I went to tune my front speakers because well they sounded like crap compared to the rear speakers

My front speakers I have PG Octane R Z6.5 and my Rear speakers are some cheap alpine s speakers 40watts rms each if that?

Anyways I went to tune it on my PG Octane 2.5.2 amp and I noticed that it was on HP (there are there set ups on there) BY , HP, LP. I tested them all out

LP sounded like the speakers were under water HP had no bass nothing and no volume, and BY had the best sound out of it all but a lot of bass that would scare me..

So I turned the bass down all the way down, I put the frequency on 140 and the Sensitivity is a little less then 3/4..

I still am pretty scared I will blow these speakers, I noticed that the rear speakers are much more louder then the front speakers which is why I have the sensitivity up a lot...

And there is still bass coming out of these speakers

On the HU I have it set up at Bass 3 100 Treble 7 10.0k

Does this sound like this would blow these kind of speakers???

I need some sort of input for a noob like my self..

02-28-2007, 03:07 PM
On your amp those marking mean the following:
HP = High-Pass.....this allows frequencies higher than the cutoff setting to pass through to the speaker(s) being amplified while frequencies below the cutoff setting roll off at whatever slope the crossover is.
LP = Low-Pass.....this is the opposite of the high-pass crossover described above. Low frequencies get through while high frequencies are blocked.
BY = I will assume this stands for Bypass and whatever signal is fed to the amplifier by the source is amplified then passed along to the speaker(s) being amplified.