View Full Version : X-990 First Impression:

02-26-2007, 09:11 PM
Well, my new Excelon X-990 is installed and even though I have had very little time with it, this deck to me is quite impressive! At first, I was kind of overwhelmed, but the manual is actually not to bad to follow along. I have a long way to go with tweeking and all, but from what I have done so far, the sound is so much richer and fuller. You can really tweek this baby. I know I'm really going to love this deck. I know from having a Excelon before the sq is amazing. I'm not going to say it's better than the Premier p880 (awesome deck I almost bought) but I can already see that I will have no regrets with my decision. Just beautful. I can't wait to get it all tweeked out to my system soon. :)