View Full Version : eject cd w/ no power source?

02-26-2007, 12:38 AM
i just removed my alpine cda-9813 and cut off all the connections to my vehicle harness. i replaced it with an in dash. anyways i just remembered that there is still a cd in this thing. is there anyway i can eject this disc without any power source? if not, what is the easiest way to give it power? i don't want to remove my indash and reconnect this deck to eject the cd if i can avoid it. thanks!

02-26-2007, 12:45 AM
just hook it straight to the battery

02-27-2007, 01:10 AM
yep, just what jmanpc said. twist the yellow and red together and touch those to positive and ground it.

02-27-2007, 01:26 AM
12Volt Car Battery
yellow/red wire to + terminal
black wire to - terminal

03-01-2007, 12:14 AM