View Full Version : Best Touchscreen for my app.

02-25-2007, 12:30 AM
Alright guys, my gf was going to go to best buy tom and get me a pioneer touchscreen. I told her to hold off b.c 1 they would be to much and I could find one used and 2. IDK if it will work with what I have.

First off I have a Digital Designs 9515, so there will be lots of vibration. and I dont need it to skip.
2- I kind of want Navigation but do you have to get any additions to have this option?
3- I have always used alpine cd players and they **** at playing scratched and burned cds, I do not want to have to worry about this.
4- I want to be able to d/l songs to the unit.
5- I will also have a 360 hooked up to it
6- I want an eq built into it (if they have them)
7- also have a flip down

I have not really looked into touchscreens much, just kind of like a dream thing so IDK about the goodies they may have. So can we kind of bs amongst ourselves and figure out what would be best for my app. Also what other goodies I may get with the unit you suggest.

If I can I would like to be able to d/l pics to the screen also to maybe have as a background kind of thing?

02-25-2007, 09:51 AM
look into the pioneer avic- series of dvd players... has built in nav, dvd player (in most of them) i believe downloadable screensavers, 3 sets of preouts, etc. ni ce units and can be had fairly cheaply...

02-25-2007, 05:43 PM
I was just looking at the avicd2 today and that was one of the ones I am choosing from.

Right now I am looking at the alpine ivaw 200 and the pioneer mentioned above, and possibly the best Eclipse they have out right now (forgot the model number) but I didnt see anything special on the eclipse accept the price.

Does the pioneer and alpine I mentioned have Navi built into them or do you have to get an additional unit to support the navigation?

-Just called CC and the Pioneer has it built in and from one of the posts I just saw I dont think the alpine does. So I guess my choices will be the

Pioneer avicd2 installed a CC *boo* install cost is 100 plus 280 for a 4 year warranty.
Alpine ivaw200 installed at tweeters for 45 dollars plus 140 for a 4 yr warranty.

I like the Pioneer better but it will be about 200 cheaper to get the Alpine, plus I will be getting it installed at Tweeter rather than CC.

So pretty much is a navigation system and a traffic update worth 200 dollars and an installment from CC?