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02-24-2007, 12:52 AM
So i got my sub (dayton titanic MKIII 12) and a 500w rms Bash plate amp. I hooked it up, talked to parts express adn they said it would be fine in a 1.3cu ft sealed box. So i put it in (its a temp. box...until i can track down a table saw). I have 2 problems.

1. The sub bottoms out kinda easy, with gain at no more than half on the amp, and volume not quite 1/2 on my reciever, on rap songs with heavy bass...and even some normal songs i can hear the driver bottoming out. I tried to seal the box extra good and went crazy with silicon lol, it got better but still happens. There might still be an old screw hole or 2 i missed under the carpet, is this enough to cause this problem or amd i just overpowering the sub??? (its rated for 500wrms...)

2. I am having placement trouble, i can barely hear it in the room (althuogh it shakes the walls in the room right above it lol.) I tried having it firing right at me didn't work, tried into a corner behind me which was a little better. Should i trie to put it in a downfiring box or something or just experiment more?????

Thx for helping me...!

O i forgot to mention...it has trouble on the lows lows...late night tip does not sound like it does in my car....what would be the problem here???? Its sealed so i didn't think it would miss the lows...maybe its a box problem...or a crossover problem????

02-24-2007, 06:11 PM
For one a HT/house sub isn't going to fill a room like when you're in a car unless you go WAY bigger than what you have. I have 4 15's in my house and it will get nasty low for movies, but is tuned at 17Hz, so not so great for music.

I would guess you're going to need it in a ported box and tuned higher than a normal HT sub since you want it to be good for music. Also you want it in a corner to gain some output from corner loading.

02-25-2007, 11:19 AM
first thing, 1x 12" will not equate to sounding like 1x 12" in a car. Cabin gain won't be your friend as much in this scenario, so you will have considerably less output especially on low notes.

Secondly 1.3 cu ft. may give you some sound but is hardly going to be optimal in an HT setup. The speaker also won't handle 500RMS in a sealed enclosure(mechanically). Remember that thermal ratings aren't the same as mechanical.

If you want to remain with a sealed enclosure, then you will have to bring the volume up near 2 cu ft or more IMO. This will decrease your overall output though. A tuned enclosure would more than likely give you the sound you desire though. If you want the same output you feel in your car, then I suggest you buy 7 more Titanics :p:

If music is all you care about in way of performance then go like 3 cu ft tuned to 25. For movies and music go 4 cu ft tuned to 20.