View Full Version : How do I install an alarm in a 2006 Chevy Cobalt!!

02-23-2007, 10:30 PM
Hey everyone, I am trying to install an AutoPage RF-520 Alarm in 2006 Chevy Cobalt. Any ideas about how do this? anyone? I have no idea how to install an alarm. Any information is appreciated.-----Sean

02-24-2007, 12:27 PM
Start by completely reading your alarm's installation manual. Come back and ask questions about the parts you don't understand.

If you're going to do your own alarm installation, you MUST own a digital multimeter and know how to use it. You must understand the difference between positive and negative switching types in your vehicle's wires.

After you read through the manual, decide how much time you think the installation will take, then triple it. Don't rush, give yourself plenty of time and no distractions.

When you're ready to install, begin by disassembling the vehicle and identify each wire that you'll need to tap into. Don't just follow the chart; test the wires to make sure they're the right wires before you connect to them. Plan where you're going to place the alarm modules and how the wires are going to run; follow stock wire runs wherever possible. Then lay out the alarm and wiring on the bench, split the wires up, and bundle them together into separate harnesses: ie, you'll have a lot of wires running to the BCM, so group them together and tape them up. Do all this before you even start making connections in the car.

Get the supplies you need before you start: You'll need a 1500 ohm resistor, several 1-amp diodes, some shrink tubing, soldering iron and solder, and some GOOD QUALITY electrical tape. Cheap tape will fall off over time; get some Scotch Super 33+.

When you actually start installing in the car and making connections, disconnect the negative battery terminal.

Here's the wiring chart for your vehicle. Remember that the same wire colors will be used for different functions, so you need to test these wires and verify them before you use them.

12volts red/black (50A) + BCM, C3, pin D1
Notes: The BCM (Body Control Module) is part of the fuse/relay box on the front passenger side of the center console. It has the following connectors: C1-72 pin gray plug, C2-72 pin gray plug, C3-41 pin red plug, and C4-68 pin lt. gray plug.

Starter yellow (not for remote start) - PCM, blue plug, pin 48, 46 or 56
Notes: The PCM (Powertrain Control Module) is on the driver side fender, in front of the underhood fuse block.

Ignition yellow + ign harn or BCM, C4, pin D3

Power Lock white - driver kick or BCM, C1, pin 7
Notes: Lock is a straight negative trigger. Unlock is negative trigger thru a 1500 ohm resistor. MUST use relays.

Power Unlock same as power lock wire

Parking Lights+ brown + driver kick or BCM, C3, pin A7

Parking Lights- brown/white - switch or BCM, C2, pin 5

Door Trigger see notes - each kick or BCM, C1
Notes: The LF door is gray/black in pin 22. The RF door is tan/white in pin 19. The LR door is lt. blue/black in pin 1. The RR door is lt. green/black in pin 20. Use all four wires and diode isolate each.

Dome Supervision gray - BCM, C3, pin A10

Trunk/Hatch Pin orange/black - BCM, C1, pin 55

Hood Pin N/A
Trunk/Hatch Release tan - switch or BCM, C2, pin 10

Factory Alarm Arm factory remote only
Factory Alarm Disarm factory remote only

Horn Trigger tan - switch or BCM, C2, pin 14