View Full Version : Advice needed...Should I keep Factory HU and wait?

02-23-2007, 12:13 PM
I just got a 2007 Honda Pilot EXL. "Premium Sound System" sounds as good as a clock radio...Planning to upgrade everything but have not found the HU that does what I want. Initially exciited about avic z1 but I want a unit that actually works with an ipod...avic411.com forums with half baked workarounds for the ipod navigation shortcomings abound leads me to believe its Not the unit for me...thinking of keeping current factory HU and upgrading speakers, subwoofer and amp and then waiting ...ldeally would like a HU with HD navigation, voice control, bluetooth with phonebook import/dialing and true ipod integration...does this strategy make sense or is there another HU out there or around the corner that will do this?
Thanks in advance!!!