View Full Version : D6 Ported Enclosure

02-21-2007, 12:05 AM
I am looking for help on a new ported enclosure for 2 Diamond Audio D6 12" subs. At this moment in time, I have them in the box that was suggested by Diamond Audio (I think its 1 cube per sub tuned to 40 Hz). The box seems to be more oriented tward loud than it is SQ.What I have come up with to help this situation out is build a box bigger and tuned lower. The box plan is as fallows: single chamber of 3 cubes and is tuned to 32 Hz, so the two subs would be sharing one space. I'll brace it up some so I guess the real volume is gonna be somewhere around 2.6 after displacement. Anyone have any other ideas they wouldn't mind tossing my way. My dimensions for the box can't exceed: Height 15" Width 40" Depth 20" (more can be added if needed on Depth). Thanks in advance.