View Full Version : Pana CQ-DFX983U/Sirius Problem

02-18-2007, 01:13 PM
Hope someone here can help me...

I've had this Panasonic unit a few years, and went through this once before. At the time Panasonic gave me an easy fix, but I have the problem again and I can't remember what the fix was, nor can anyone at Panasonic help me, so here goes:

I need to reactivate Sirius, which requires the unit be tuned to CH 184 to receive the turn on signal. The problem is that as soon as I select Sirius as the input, I get a screen saying "Call Sirius to Activate" and then "Acquiring Signal", which locks out the channel selector. I've tried disconnecting everything, which resets the clock etc but not the above. Have also tried various things like holding down the channel selector button as soon as I switch Sirius on, etc etc.

Anyone run into this?