View Full Version : Pioneer 6900ub vs. 5900ib ?

02-12-2007, 01:44 PM
Has anybody actually seen the new Pioneers? I'm trying to decide on the 5900ib vs the 6900ub. Feature wise the 5900 is great, but the shiny chrome controls don't really work for me. Does the 6900 have the same chrome finish on it's controls or is it more of a satin chrome? On the pioneer website they both look satin, but other sites pictures show the 5900 having the shine. Money wise they are $20 apart from Crutchfeild when the i-pod cable is added to the 5900, and I'll gladly spend the extra 20 if the looks are better on the 6900.

Any other suggestions?? I have an Eclipse CDA5435 right now, but the ergos are kinda crappy (volume knob is basically flush with the face) and the circus light show appearance has gotten really old.


02-12-2007, 01:52 PM
The 6900ub is pretty much the same but it has a USB input. The design on the face takes a slightly different shape but its still that shiny crome finish.