View Full Version : Port Size Help & port noise???

02-10-2007, 10:44 AM
Ok I'm deisigning an enclsoure for a friend. It will be one massive audio RW10 (400wrms) running on a 500 watt amp. I have come up with box plans from subwoofertools.com and reaudio.com and want to see which one is correct.


sub ask for 1.0 cu ft for a 10 and with a displacement of 0.05. box size is 1.147-.05=1.09cu ft and tuned to 36.58HZ. On reaudio i have a 1.25 port width (12in height) and come up with sq port area of 15.


on subwoofertools.com it gives me a port width of 2 inches (height 12") and 24 sq inches or port area.

I'm confused now because which do I go with now? Oh, one more thing, manf spec sheets for a ported box say 3" x 8" round port. Does this mean subwoofertools is taking in account the Xmax of speaker and reaudio.com is a general drawing for any subs.?

Kinda confused so if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate to see which design would be best? Also, I do have winISD. Can someone explain with the numbers I gave how do i determine if I will have port noise


02-10-2007, 10:56 AM
15 sq in of port is sufficient for a 1 cube box. 24 sq in is overkill...

And the mfg is suggesting a 3" round port, 8" long, not a 3" x 8" port, and a 3" round port only has ~7 sq in of area....