View Full Version : Ported Box for Shiva

01-23-2003, 02:24 PM
Hi, I have two Shivs I plan to connect them at a two ohm load on a JBL1200.1, I know they would work fine in a seald 1.25 box, but i have a lot more space in my trunk and was thinking about a vented box. I have a Jetta III (95) and have a maximum of 7.5 cu ft available (that does'nt mean i want to use it all), the total size of the box could be at the most 37X25X16, I did some alignments myself and came up with this:

2.47 cu ft per driver with one 3.94" diameter port with a length of 15.8" inches (qtb=.69, fb=30hz)

I not shure if this is really that good, or you would suggest a different alignment, im open to suggestions. Id like a mix of sq and spl. Thanks