View Full Version : Devin_9_2004 = Top notch seller

02-03-2007, 10:07 AM
Just bought a 2500w Orion from this guy and i gotta say, top notch dude. Went out of his way to keep good contact with me through the entire thing and went to the extra trouble to fill out customs forms and stuff as im stationed overseas. I sent him payment twice by mistake, which he took care of on the spot. He even insured my package (which arrived in Germany 4 days after he sent it!!). He did a good job packing the amp but it got a little beat up durning the shipping, which is of course why he insured it. Now im getting a new case for it from the insurance leaving me with a "brand new" amp for a really great price. One of the best ive ever bought from, hope i get a chance to do business with him again.