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02-01-2007, 03:42 AM
I currently have a Pioneer DEH-P7500MP

I think its on its last legs, as it ate a CD and Sirius started to act funny. I have been living with its 1 line display with Sirius long enough and I am jealous of JVC's intergation of USB inputs into their decks. JVC also has 2 line support for Sirius including signal meter, "Mongo" and sets the decks clock by the Sirius Sat.

The JVC-SHX-850 has comparable features to the Pioneer 7800MP. But with the 7800MP being discontinued for the '07 790/7900BT head units, which won't be out until late spring, the Pioneer would seem like a no-brainer since I can be purchased for around $100 less than it could have been bought for this time last year.

But I would REALLY like at least a USB input, the SHX-850 has a SD Card Slot. In either case I would be buying new media, but since I can drag and drop files onto a SD Card (I have a reader) or a USB Flash Drive (1GB is going for under $20 now) I would REALLY like to have this feature.

What prevents me from buying the 7800MP is it might not give me 2 line Sirius display support (though according to Pioneer press release the 9800 supports 2 Line Diplay with Sirius, I have yet to see in person), but I can add Pioneer's CD-100UB USB controller which add a USB port to the Bus port to the 7800MP and be HAPPY if I can confirm it has 2 line suppport.

Otherwise the JVC while it cost more because its a current model and it has a very interesting DSP feature set and I haven't been able to confirm if the internal amp can be controlled by the internal crossover system, specifically the high pass filters.

That's how my system is setup currently -

7500's internal 2 way crossover/amp powers the stock front and rear speakers, while I have config'ed the rear out to Line Out support and connected it to a Bazooka 50W 8" bass tube.

Don't laugh it sounds pretty good especially when Pioneer gives you solid control over your sound quality and its balanced because the tube doesn't over run the stock speakers.

So could anybody answer my questions about the display on the 7800 (it seems to be pretty popular on this board) and Sirius or has information about the crossover system in JVC's SHX-850 and AVX-2 which I believe share the same DSP system.

Im going to buy a deck I hope on this Friday.


02-01-2007, 04:28 AM
The display on the 780 is the exact same as the 980. Also, the 7900iB or whatever its called, prolly wont be the real replacement for the 780 but the 680 instead. If i remember correctly, Pioneer wont even give us a glimpse of its 2007 high end until late spring. I would stay away from JVC. They are not terrible head units but the level of quality is just not on par with alot of the stuff coming from Pioneer and Eclipse these days. I bought my girlfriend a high end JVC head unit for her car a few months back. It looks pretty nice but I swear it didnt sound much better than factory at all. The similarly price Pioneer units will offer about 5 times the tunability.

02-01-2007, 05:13 AM
Well if you really like the 7800 but want USB input, there is the Pioneer CD-UB100 USB input adapter. This adapter will fit a ton of different Pioneer models including the 7800. I downloaded the manual for it and the 7800 is listed there. This is the setup I think I will be getting.