View Full Version : Nintendo Wii

02-01-2007, 03:11 AM
i figured i would post it up here in case anyone is interested. i bought this tuesday afternoon at the local walmart. played it for less than an hour today and realized that it just isnt for me. fun and all but just dont think im gonna have the time to play it as much as i would like to. im gonna be returning it to walmart probably tonight, so if anyone is interested its not going to be around for long. im not looking to make any money off of it at all but also am not willing to lose any money being that walmart will take it back, 265 plus shipping and paypal fees. i know these are hard to find in many places and that is why i figured i would throw it up here for half a day just to make sure no one wants it before i return it. i dont have pics(i just decided on my ride back to work on my lunch break to sell it) but i do have references on this forum and also on sounddomain. if interested let me know, and let me know quickly!!!!!