View Full Version : Firing into seat? yay or nay?

01-29-2007, 07:27 PM
I am trying to design a box that will act as a center console for the rear cab of the truck. The only way I can see fitting the 10" sub is to have it fire down into the seat bottom. Is this going to be a big deal? will I lose a lot of output? It's going to be in a ported box.

I am assuming it won't since typically people have their subs in the trunk and that sound has to travel througha back seat so it's basically the same sort of thing.

Any thoughts? :eyebrow:

01-29-2007, 07:34 PM
Try rear firing the sub...and rear firing the port...on the back of the console box...facing the rear seat......I built a nice setup like that with a DD 3510...Even made the factory armrest storage pocket fully functional...I used foam padding and a matching suede type of material to cover the box for the seating part...I'm sure his GF didn't mind sitting next to him after the box was completed ;)

01-29-2007, 07:45 PM
see the problem is I can't do that....I am not replacing the existing center console. the front seat is a bench. the rear extended cab seat seats three. I am planning on building a center console shaped box that will sort of rest on the center seat in the rear. I want to keep the height low enough that you can rest an arm comfortable on it.