View Full Version : Ported 10" L5 truck box!!! Need Help! PICS inside!

01-27-2007, 05:46 PM
I have 2 10" kicker solo l5's. I want to try making a ported truck box for it. It says the minimum ported is 1.25 feet^3.. That should be no problem, I have a question about port design though. It says the port should be 2.5" x 11.25" and 19.75" long. Well..thats pretty dang long. I was wondering if it would work to change the dimensions slightly and if there was any way i could make the port shorter??

Any comments would help. Thanks.

Btw, the sub mounting depth is 6". I have about 9" at the bottom max depth for box. 14" max width, but can go pretty high if necessary. Also, would it be okay to have the port facing upwards??

Just in case...here is a very vague drawing of what i would like it to look like...