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01-22-2007, 08:31 PM
ok...more stuff for sale....lets get to it!!

first up is a sweet phillips dvd player. it has an 8.5" inch screen and rechargeable battery pack, rca inputs and outputs, dual headphone outputs and much more. this plays burned dvds and also does divx and has a cool case that attaches to the back of a headrest. comes brand new, never even opened.



next is some ram...i have 4 one (1) gig sticks. 2 of which are Kingston 1GB 200Pin DDR2 SODIMM Notebook Memory 533 mhz speed and the other 2 are Kingston 1GB PC2700 DDR SODIMM Memory at 333 mhz speed. manufacturers numbers are as follows respectively: KVR533D2SO1GR and KVR533D2SO1GR. should be good for someone out there, all 4 are bnib.





then i have 4 sandisk cruzer micro 4 gig usb flash drives....pretty much self explanatory. again, all bnib.


last but not least are two western digital my book premium external 320 gig hard drives. they take usb and firewire and are great units, i use one myself for backups. again, these are all bnib and ready to use!!


time to add some more...saw a good deal today on these remotes, i dont want or need them so im reselling them!! i have 2 logitech harmony 720 remotes. these are sweet!! does everything an 880 will do but looks better imho. color screen, rechargable battery and cool docking station come included with software and manual and everything. if you have ever used harmony remotes, you know how awesome they are!! i have a super low price on these, so buy them!!



now to prices...

Dvd player - $150 shipped
Ram (533 speed) - $100 shipped each
Ram (333 speed) - $90 shipped each one sold!!
sandisk 4 gig usb drives - $55 shipped each two sold!!
320 gig external hd - $130 shipped each one sold!!
Harmony 720 remotes - $120 shipped each

i have lots of refs and take paypal only...all prices are negotiable to a point and discounts will be given for multiple items. please pm for offers and feel free to ask questions

01-22-2007, 08:38 PM
WOW! Great price on the notebook memory! Wish I had the Money.

free bump--

01-22-2007, 08:46 PM
thank you!!

01-22-2007, 10:44 PM
bedtime bump....hit the pm guys!!

01-22-2007, 10:48 PM
price on pc 2700 memory? pm me

01-22-2007, 11:28 PM
pm sent

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01-23-2007, 01:55 AM
Looking for any car audio item trades and where in TX are you located?

I have one of those WD external HD's. That has to be one of the most usefull electronic items I purchased last year.

01-23-2007, 01:58 AM
will the notebook memory work with a Dell XPS m140?

01-23-2007, 10:55 AM
ok, pms answered, not looking for trades, just cash and you need 667 speed ram in the dell as far as i can tell....lets see some offers guys....

01-23-2007, 10:56 AM
im interested in a 4gb thumbdrive and some ram if i know for sure it will work in my laptop

01-23-2007, 11:02 AM
prices updated and also didnt realize that i didnt put each by the ram, shoulda done that. therefore prices were lowered. offers still looked at, yay!!

01-23-2007, 11:05 AM
bump for a great guy.

01-23-2007, 11:21 AM
thanks for the free bump, always love refs!!

01-23-2007, 01:21 PM
ttt for new items and such...

01-23-2007, 03:55 PM
ttt for new prices

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ttt night bump...no interest? offers will be looked at

01-24-2007, 12:02 AM
FYI....my 2gb flashdrive sold for $50 + shipping on ebay. Just wanted to tell you since they're not selling. I would love to have that external hd, but just don't have the money.

01-24-2007, 12:23 AM
FYI....my 2gb flashdrive sold for $50 + shipping on ebay. Just wanted to tell you since they're not selling. I would love to have that external hd, but just don't have the money.

and im selling mine (with twice the capacity) for only $5 more....so someone buy them!! my prices are all lower than anything i can find online and on par with if not lower than ebay prices....

01-24-2007, 09:58 AM
ok....ttt, want this gone!!!

01-24-2007, 10:15 AM
is all the memory just for notebooks?

01-24-2007, 11:38 AM
yesh....unless you have a small form factor pc.... just check online to see if its the right kinda ram

01-24-2007, 01:56 PM
ok...are my prices bad? whats up? lets see some offers at least