View Full Version : Heres some T|S params, I need advice.

01-18-2007, 09:16 PM
Fs (free-air resonance, Hz) 38.52
Vas (equivalent compliance, cu. ft.) 0.56
Vas (equivalent compliance, liters) 15.75
Qms (Q, mechanical) 4.13
Qes (Q, electrical) 0.62
Qts (total driver Q) 0.54
Re (DC resistance, ohms) 6.85
Z (nominal impedance, ohms) 2.8
Le (inductance, mh) 2.96
Efficiency (1W @ 1M, dB) 83.5
Xmax (one way linear excursion, in.) 0.67
Xmax (one way linear excursion, mm) 17.19
Pe (continuous power handling, watts) 500
Peak power handling (music, watts) 1000
Mms (total moving mass, grams) 183.66
Cms (mechanical compliance, mm/N) 92.92
Bl (motor strength, Tesla-M) 22.18
Sd (effective radiating area, sq. m.) 0.035
Sd (effective radiating area, sq.in.) 53.78
Frequency range (Hz) 40-2.5k
Energy Bandwidth Product (EBP) 62.23
Model Number P10D4
Mounting hole diameter (inches) 9.45
Mounting depth (inches *) 5.25
Basket diameter (inches) 10.45
Model Number P10D4
Typical sealed enclosure (cu. ft.) 0.5
SPL sealed enclosure (cu. ft.) 0.45
Low Qtc sealed enclosure (cu. ft.) 0.65
Vented enclosure (cu. ft.) 0.95
Port tuning frequency (Hz) 50hz
Port diameter (inside, in.) 3
Equivalent square port (in.) 2.65x2.65
Port length (in.) 5.67
1. External dimensions calculated for 3/4" building material 2. Includes port and speaker displacement 3. Volumes given are net tuning volume

This is for my Orion P series , duel 4 ohm vc.

What is the best Sealed enclosure I could make for this ? Are these manufacturer reccomended specs the best ? Could I tune these lower than 50Hz ?

Please give me some advice on what I should build for them ? Anyone ... I am good at carpentry, and fabrication.