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01-16-2007, 09:39 PM
i got this short shift adapter today:


i actually got it though their ebay store (which doesn't have any at the moment):



it was shipped very quickly (paid late wednesday night, and it arrived the next
tuesday, monday was a holiday). it came in a small box stuffed with newspaper.
the adapter had no packaging! it was just in a zip lock bag along with a hex

it was installed like these instructions:


i have no idea what the nut (shown in the pic attached to the bolt) is used for.
it does not fit on the stock bolt, so i used the stock nut (removed the

the bolt it comes with was a bit too long, and would not thread all the
way through the adapter (putting the nut on wouldn't really help this problem).
so i bought a new bolt (5mm shorter), and it fits perfectly (lengthwise). but with
both bolts, they were a tiny bit smaller (diameter) than the hole they went
through, so there was a bit of wiggle room. this would also cause there to be a
clicking noise when i shifted. i solved this by putting about two wraps of electrical
tape around the bolt. this makes it fit perfectly and now shifts smoothly and noise

one problem with this style adapter (i believe all brands have this issue) is that it
hits the plastic around the boot. right now i have the boot totally out, but with a
very small amount of dremel work, i think i'll have enough clearance.

overall, i think the adapter is well made, feels solid, and looks good. despite the
few issues i mentioned (and fixed) i also think it works quite well (the throw is
noticeably shorter), so i am happy with my purchase.

if possible i'd go for one like this:


due to the built in spacer (which if built properly, should be the correct length bolt,
and hopefully would not have any "play" in the fit) it also appears to be angled
right where mine his the plastic around the boot, but this may or may not be
enough clearance.

i plan on taking some measurements to see how much shorter the throw actually is, but for now here's some pics of it installed:





01-17-2007, 12:29 AM
as promised, i checked how much it actually shortens the throw.

here's the test setup:


yardstick referenced to the 5" line:


here's the stock configuration.

third gear (forward):


fourth gear (back):


as you can see the throw is ~2.5" in either direction.

here's with the adapter installed:


third gear (forward):


fourth gear (back):


the throw is now 1.75" - 2" in either direction.

that works out to a decrease of 0.5" to 0.75" (approx).

which is 20-30%, pretty close to the advertised 25-30% (for accords)

for $30 shipped i'm pretty happy. if i had $200 i'd get this:


50% throw reduction, 2.5" height reduction, new boot, new knob (all of which look very well made)

but for now i'm getting a custom shift knob machined and i'll probably cut down the shift lever ~1" (and cut new threads).

01-17-2007, 12:33 AM
:yumyum: Manual 6th gen accord

01-17-2007, 12:36 AM
very nice review. and nice job finding the absolute best out of everything.

01-17-2007, 04:35 PM
not that anyone (here) cares, but here's how i made it clear the boot:

it is actually the highest point on the adapter that contacts the area around the boot.

here is a picture with the adapter installed and the car in reverse:


and here it is in fifth gear:


i'd say there's just over half an inch of clearance. this is actually enough to not touch the boot. the problem comes when you shifting into reverse or fifth.

here's a picture of the car in neutral with the stick as far to the right as possible (as if shifting into reverse or fifth):


it's around a 1/4" of clearance, and this is when the adapter hits the boot. then as you shift into gear it pops the console area up.

here's a pic of the underside of the boot to show what it's hitting:


5 minutes with the dremel and it looks like this:


re-installed and it works perfectly.

i used a dremel with reinforced cutoff wheel and went VERY slowly to make sure i didn't cut up the pleather.

i would suggest removing the pleather to do it, but don't have a stapler strong enough to reattach it.

01-17-2007, 04:39 PM
nice pics, good iinstall, thanks for the demo