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01-16-2007, 08:16 PM
I'm selling my set of Salomon Buzz 99's and Dalbello TRX-7 Customs. They haven't seen snow in 3 seasons, and only had 7 nights on them before hand. I guess moving out and paying bills cuts down on the play time funds ;)


Anyways, they are in good condition. The boots come with several different adjustments for standing position. They are extremely comfortable and have nice metal buckles that are easy to adjust and use. They have that annoying plastic scuff look that every pair of ski boots I owned has had. I've tried buffing it out with ski and automotive wax in the past, and it helps, but they still remain scuffed looking. I don't have the manufacturers packaging for these.

The Salomon Buzz 99's are in good condition as well. If it wasn't for a stupid skiier crossing my path and slicing the top up a bit, I'd list them as excellent. They are blue and white with black plastic bindings. The bindings are easily adjustable for any skiboot you wish to use in them. The edges of the blades aren't dull, but they have 1 season on them, so a touch up sharpening wouldn't hurt. They are 99.9 CM's in length, and are more narrow than many other snowblades, making them faster on the straights. They also seem to hold real well on ice patches. They would be coming in their original box.

I unfortunately need to go and pick them up from the parents place tonight and take pictures. I'll hopefully have some pictures up by 10 oclock or so.

I'm looking to get 100$ for the pair for local Pickup (search zip 18052) or if they need to be shipped, I could use whatever service you would want, I would just need to find the original packaging or boxes to send it in. You would have to cover shipping though. I will split them for 50$ each pair, but these prices are fair (checked).

If you need any information, just PM me. Unfortunately I do not have a selling history here or on E-bay, so no references. I do post quite often, so I'm not hard to find and I check my PM's atleast once daily.


01-16-2007, 11:43 PM
Updated with picture and link to other closeups. Man, does this camera pick up everything haha. I guess I should have cleaned the boots before the pictures too.

I hit up the boots with a bit of wax and it helped them shine a bit more, and got rid of some of the scratches.

01-17-2007, 07:58 PM
Bump for a great begginer set!