View Full Version : Opti1234D - What enclosure should I use?

01-13-2007, 12:16 AM
Now, I am relatively new to this, but I am giving it a shot anyway...
http://www.lanzar.com/manuals/OPTI1234D.pdf - For parameters

I have a Opti1234D (Linked with a Directed 750D and a Concert crossover) which weighs about 31 lbs. and mounts at 7 9/16". I have always been a fan of sealed boxes but hate bandpass. I was told that I should run this subwoofer through a ported enclosure. With that in mind, I also figure that I should give it quite a bit of room for it to breathe.

Here are my questions:
1. What are the parameters should I give it (I drive a 97 Cheverolet Lumina Sedan) to make it sound the best I can?
2. Should I do a "wavelength" port or something simpler?
3. I have a good supply of oak, but should I use plywood?? (Kind of redundant... but then again I have never seen a oak enclosure:eyebrow: )

01-13-2007, 01:40 AM
a 4th order bandpass, if built correctly, can have almost as good a transient response as a sealed, with more output
to answer your questions...
1) Look up its COMPLETE list of tech specs, then consult winisd. Play around with different boxes and see which gives you the desired response curve and peak spl.
2) Search. We have stickies for thiese kinda things.
3)Search. ... so I really have to go over this? But to answer it directly, no. Plywood is definately not the choice wood of box builders. What kinda oak are we lookin at here? In either case, MDF is pretty much standard issue in box construction