View Full Version : A Noob who needs help.

01-12-2007, 09:26 AM
I will be starting to build my first box this next week. I will be using 2 12" Alpine Type R's. I am going to be building a crx box for them. But what I cant figure out is how to run the port. I keep seeing layouts for boxes with the sub next to the port but none with subs up and ports back, so if anyone has a pic of inside a crx box that would be great. Also I will be using two amps one per sub, do I need to put a divider between the subs or can they be in the same enclosure? If they are divided what would happen if I tuned them to 2 different freq. ( one for SPL and the other for SQ ).
If it matters these will be going into an 84' CRX.

01-12-2007, 10:05 AM
I would go ahead and use a divider because a divider will act like a good brace as well. Also a divider might help since you are using two amps it will be hard to get them set exactly the same so the subs could be moving a little different than one another. Make sure you use a DMM to set the amps exactly the same. Just run two 4 inch PVC ports or aeroports out the back side of the box or use an L shaped slot port that opens to the back on both sides. Also tune them exactly the same, tuning them differently will not work out well unless your are planning on only using one at a time.