View Full Version : Is this box for 2 15's a good idea?

01-10-2007, 06:47 PM
Im trying to build a perfect box for 2 15 inch RE XXX subs to sit in a 2002 Altima. With my trunk, i cant go with a regular 15 inch sub box though.

Basically, right now i have one 15 inch sub in a box with dimensions of:
33 in long
17 in high
21 in deep

The box sits about 9 inches from the trunk lid.

First of all, im not sure how far away the box should sit away from the trunk lid for best sound reflection so if someone could tell me this, i'd be able to give a better description of the workable dimensions.

Basically, if 9 inches from the trunk lid is fine, then here are the larges dimensions the box can be.

31.5 in long
14.5 in high
23 in deep

I am not stupid, i do realize that the sub is 15 inches and i posted 14.5 inches is the max height i can work with. I was wondering if there was an enclosure that would work here. Maybe the subs can be angled or facing eachother tilted or something.

Also, i dont want to compromise too much on maximizing their sound quality or spl. If that would happen, i would get 2 12's. But i know you guys are smart and can think of something sweet that would knock my socks off and i already have one 15 so it would be easier to pick up another instead of selling and getting 2 12's. thanks, suggestions please

I just thought of this, another option(although less desired) would be:

35 in long
16.5 in high
21 in deep

The box would sit about 9 inches from the trunk lid.