View Full Version : E-Scooters - battery operated 12 mph

01-04-2007, 06:28 PM
I got two of these from a website where i play poker on with bonus points. I was going to give them to my cousins but they already got some for christmas.

They are brand new in the box. Rechargable, battery operated, 150 pound weight limit.

Red base, black hand grips, black seat.

Like i said, i havent opened it but from the looks of them, it appears that you can ride them with (if you are lazy like me) or without the seat. Brand new with assembly instructions, etc. inside.

They sell for between 120.00 - 160.00 each on ebay. Make me some offers. I need some car audio stuff like:

2000 - 2500 watt @ 1 ohm amp
High end components & coaxials 6.5 inch only
Quality 4 channel amp 120 - 150 watts @ 4 ohm X 4
12 inch subs capable of handling 1000 - 1500 watts.
Custom box built for the subs.

Also looking for a lcd computer monitor 20 - 22 inches.
Obviously i'll kick in some cash if i have to on some items.

thanks alot

01-04-2007, 06:28 PM
Before anyone asks, pics are gonna take a day or two