View Full Version : A set of four speakers?

01-03-2007, 02:02 PM
I plan to power these the two front speakers, components with a 2 channel amp.

I plan to get two back coaxials and power them off the HU.

I listen to Rap/Hip-Hop trance, so some pretty bass intensive stuff. I already have a Solobaric 15" that hits hard so I really just worried about these speakers being able to play at high volume without a lot of distortion.

For the front I have Alpine Type-S SPS171A picked out, $105 from premier-audio . com

For the back coaxials I have Pioneer Premier TS-A641P picked out.

Again I am looking for some loud music, SQ is important but I need it loud enough so I can hear the music over my rediculous bass.

Any advice is greatly apprectiated. Thanks..