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01-03-2007, 09:30 AM
Hi all i am just after installing too sets of components in my front doors. I put the 6.5" bass drivers down in the bottom corner of the door in the footwell and the tweeters beside the mirror adjusters i put a set of 5" bass drivers at the back of the doors just below the locks and the tweeters above them. i have wired them up with 12 guage speaker wire. Now the problem is i only ran one posative and one negative wire up each side of the car and instead of splitting each wire into 2 (+/- for each crossover) i ran the wire straight into the inputs of the crossover, and then connected the other crossover to the same terminal (so basically the 'in' of one crossover is conneted to the 'in' of the ohter crossover)

All i am getting from the speakers is a very loud humm is this becouse i joined the 2 crossovers? as i dont want to take the doors off again if this is not the problem?

Also i am now getting a very bad hum from the rear speakers which were perfect untill i did this. i did find that when i took out the indash equaliser disconnected it and re connected it the hum went away but once i put it back in the dash the hum came back!! i was thinking there may be a power wire touching the rca terminaly at the back of the equalise when i mount it but all the wires are covered.

im so used to having my radio its crazey without it as i dont even want to turn it on with that humm dont want to damage anything

sorry for such a long thread but any help at all would be appreciated as im :stuck: :offwall: :titanic:

01-03-2007, 09:49 AM
The hum is likely a result of the crossovers Ohms loading getting really messed up since 2 are wired together from 1 set of power/ground leads. This will either put them into a kind of protect mode or really screw up the crossover points.

You'll need to wire them so that they are not interfering with one another.