View Full Version : Enclosure for Power T1

01-01-2007, 04:30 PM
Well here's the story. I been on the forums for quite a while, and only recently made a user name.

I had an MB Quart PWE 352 sub and well It finally blew after a year of pounding. I called up rockford and got a replacement. My replacement was a Power t115d2.

I put the T1 in the same box that the mb quart was in, which was a 1.5 cu. sealed box. And its powered by a rockford power 501s. It hits pretty good and is nice and tight but I know its lacking because the specs say 2.25 cu sealed for the t1.

Now I have a question, Whats the biggest size enclosure I can go with to make the t1 sound loud and clean. I am talking about sealed beacause i dont feel like hurting my head with a ported box, let alone going outside in the cold to construct it.

Any help is appreciated,