View Full Version : Need a box for 4 Type R 15's.

12-26-2006, 01:41 PM
Anyone in here know a decent box builder in the South Carolina/North Carolina or even Georgia area that can put together a nice ported box for 4 typr R 15's? Thanks.

02-03-2007, 02:34 AM
Josh whats up, so you sent back my amp after you fry the n-channel mosfets because of your faulty wiring. Now you won't answer emails or pm's shady guy here!!!!

Built a box for two alpine type r 15's he buys it because origanal seller backs out. cool everything went smoothly and he even bought my visonik 900xd and the 2 alpine type r 15's off of me. awesome guy when i met him, real nice as well.
Now he calls me up a week after we met and tells me that the amp doesn't work. Thats impossible because it was flawless when pulled from my vehicle. He tells me it goes into protect mode. My guess is he hooked up the low line converter without ground it properly or without hooking it up properly and spikes the channel causing the n-channel mosfets to blow.
My fault for trusting this guy because i refunded his money that was towards the amp because i thought he knew what he was doing. I realized he fried the board when i finally recieved the amp 3 weeks later.
Look at the pics here's the original for sale add
before pics
http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/4071/beforepicsww6.png (http://imageshack.us)
pics of amp board after
http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/3465/dsc01002an9.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/8637/dsc01004sd5.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

So josh please don't think i forgot, and thanks for being a man not reponding to any of my emails or pm's about this situation that obviously was your error. Please respond to this post but i'm sure like everything else you will just not respond and write it off so i'll probably have to call you and be ignored some more, but for everyone else he was a nice guy and i took that for granted. JOSH I'd gladly build you that box if you straightened this out with me first, no BS, 4 alpine type r 15's ported ohhh yeah!!!

02-03-2007, 03:47 AM

02-03-2007, 12:03 PM
He hasn't been back for awhile.

02-03-2007, 12:08 PM
shoulda never refunded his money....it worked when you sold it to him

02-03-2007, 12:52 PM
yes it did but i stored it for a good 4 months so i thought maybe it was something else. trust me stupid on my part and i'll never make that mistake again, thats what i get for trusting someone, live and learn eh?

02-03-2007, 12:55 PM
He hasn't been back for awhile.

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02-03-2007, 12:59 PM
learn from this....shoulda checked it before you sent it...

04-03-2007, 10:15 PM
Hey guys, just returned from a deployment. I am still trying to figure out what is going on here with the amp. All I know is that I hooked it up and this one didn't work properly. I immediately went to a car stereo shop and hooked up a Memphis and it worked fine, to the same RCA's that the Visonik was hooked up to. I am not overly concerned about $30 and will gladly refund the money. I apologize that I have been out of country for while. I can provide pics to prove that as well. Who the hell would risk their rep on a forum for $30 anyway. Anyhow, I am PM'ing WOC with a message explaining I was out of country and will be sending him back his money tonight.


04-05-2007, 09:09 AM
This issue is resolved as of last night.