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12-26-2006, 01:09 AM
I have just started to get into this crazy hobby of car audio, here's what I have so far.

Focal Access 6.5 components up front
Pioneer p880prs

Right now I'm running the Focal's off of the head unit. I've dampened and sealed the front doors using Raamat and ensolite along with the dynamat diffuser pad behind the 6.5 inchers. So far I am happy with my setup, my only complaints is that I would like a bit more bass without having to go as far as to add a sub unless I have to. I figured that I would like to get new rear speakers anyway, so I am planning that option before I resort to getting a sub.

So, my next step is to add rear deck speakers, and an amp. This brings me to my rear deck question. I would like some more bass in the car, I don't need subwoofer type punch, but a bit of "felt" accurate bass would be nice. Is this possible through speaker selection of the rear deck? I understand that 6x9 speakers would add more bass, but since they are oval, and can distort, I am very wary of going that route. SQ and clarity are very important to me.

I took a gander at the CDT CL-69X set:
But I'm not sure if a 6x9 would be right for me.

Is there any "bassy" 6.5 inch component sets that I can get? I would like to keep the set under 250 dollars.

Also, in terms of the amp, I would like a good SQ 100watt x 4 channel amp to run all 4 corners of my car so I can retain foward/rear fading. Should I expect cleaner bass from my focals after adding the external amp? I would like for the amp to be under 300 dollars if possible. Any reccomendations?

Thanks in advance for helping out a n00b.

12-26-2006, 01:14 AM
you could rum some 6.5in "subwoofers" infinite baffle or maybe even 8s if you an fit them. Tangbands 6.5, XXX mids, JL 6W0, are some examples of 6.5s. For 8s there are many options to choice from.

12-26-2006, 02:15 AM
Hey, thanks for the reply, I will look into those.

Couple of questions, what is an "infinite baffle?" I did some quick research and it shows that it is pretty much a freestanding speaker enclosure. Would this make me have loose, messy bass instead of tight punch bass that I want?

Also, will rear passengers hear only bass? Would adding a tweeter and small midrange help? What is the frequency range of these small 6.5 inch "subwoofers", are they more similar to a woofer than a sub?

Thanks again.

you could rum some 6.5in "subwoofers" infinite baffle or maybe even 8s if you an fit them. Tangbands 6.5, XXX mids, JL 6W0, are some examples of 6.5s. For 8s there are many options to choice from.

12-26-2006, 02:31 AM
ive never used these before, but they would prolly work well in your application.


get a small 4 channel amplifier, and bridge channel 3+4 with the subs wired from 8ohm down to 4 ohm and run channel 1+2 to your front components. should do exac tally what you are looking for and be a simple drop in installation.


ps, infinite baffle is a enclosure alignment like sealed or ported (aka, single reflex), or bandpass that only takes twice the VAS of the speaker as a requirement. the VAS of a speaker is (in liters) how much volume the recommended sealed enclosure would be (if i recall correctly that is). and you just basically need to seal the rear of the driver from the front of the driver. no "enclosure" is nessicary as long as the front waves can not interact with the rear waves.

12-26-2006, 02:59 AM
Basically your trunk is "the box", you will get great sound quality wont need as much power but will lose a little low end and output iirc. Remember that it needs to be done correctly for it get most of the configuration. The front of the woofer needs to be completely sealed from the back and should be deadened to avoid vibrations and provide better impact.