View Full Version : Need A little help with a 2cube 31/32 ported for a TypeX12

12-20-2006, 01:35 AM

Well after having my Alpine Type X 12 in its 1.3 sealed fiberglass console, I want to get it a tad louder so I am going to try a ported box at either 31 or 32.

Here are the max external dimensions that I can work with. (using 3/4" MDF)

34" width
13.75" height
11.5" depth

thats about 2.3 cubes before displacement, which is about .24ft cubed.

This is going to go in my regular cab in between my captains chairs. I have tried all of the box calculators but just can't seem to get one right with a port because the calculators always seem to want to change a dimension, and I just cant do that. I have built a ton of sealed boxes but only one ported one, which was from the sticky thread of box plans on this site.

Here are the specs for my Alpine Type X 12
Coil Height (Hvc) : 48.1mm
Cone Area (Sd) : 529sq. cm
D.C.Coil Resistance (Re) : 3.6ohm + 3.6ohm
Electrical Q (Qes) : 0.69
Equivalent Suspension Stiffness (Vas) : 32 liters(1.1cu.ft.)
Free Air Resonance (Fs) : 28Hz
Frequency Response : 23Hz - 200Hz
Gap Height (Hag) : 10mm
Impedance (Nominal) : 4ohm + 4ohm
Linear Excursion (X linear) : 19.1mm
Maximum Excursion (X peak) : 22mm
Mechanical Excursion (Peak-to-Peak) : 75mm
Mechanical Q (Qms) : 8.67
Sensitivity : 83 dB/W/M
Total Loudspeaker Q (Qts) : 0.64

Any guys out there want to give me a little help?


12-20-2006, 02:07 AM
I'd go 1.8-2.2 cubes tuned somewhere between 30 and 32. Also you're gonna need more room for 2 cubes net :fyi:

12-20-2006, 11:20 AM
If you go with a round port (with thin walls) you can save space.