View Full Version : need help / answers for box

12-17-2006, 08:32 PM
hi everyone, i have a s10 ext cab, and i have 2 Alpine 15" 1522D subs, each sub will be wired to 1 ohm and each sub will be pushed by a Hifonics BXi2006D (2000w @ 1 ohm), now is there any1 wants to help me design a box?

i was thinking 4.5 cubs for each sub in there own chamber or should i do 1 big box
48"L x 24"H x 16"W

should i fire subs up? forward towards back seat? or id like to invert them,

slot port or round ports?

and id like to design it with an amp rack top or front depending on how subs are mounted

if you charge please PM me
if you have any info on ideas or pics that can help me design something let me know...thx