View Full Version : Hifonics Brutus Bxi1606d

12-16-2006, 03:16 AM
i have had good expierences with hifonics brutus amps (bx500/bx1000d/bx1500d) and thought i get myself the 06 model...the bxi1606d.

Reliability: been running this amp for 3 months now and not a single problem. i have my gain set 3/4 full. i keep it in my trunk in an open space so it gets its air.
Value: as everyone and their mom knows, hifonics brutus amps are great budget amps. the bxi1606d goes for 289usd+ship at onlinecarstereo.com which is one of the better sites to get ish cheap ;)
Durability: their were times where i push my amp to its limits by playing full volume to the point where it doesnt clip. (IE: days like my birthday party/friends bbq/showing off to buddies/etc). however, i wasnt an extremely abusive user.
Sound Quality: i have this amp hooked to a pair of JL w6's and i dont hear any distortion that i know of. but i never used a true amp like kicker, jl, rockford, etc so i cant really compare.
Features: has just about everything the basic user needs: subsonic, bass boost, low pass, gain, rca inputs, etc. i also like the black/chrome look than the plain silver along with the blue lights on the ends. maxxsonics (the manufactuer), claims the bxi1606d can take 2ga power/ground wires, but they are incorrect. i had a run of 2ga streetwires and i had to strip some off to get it to fit.
Ease of use: simple. just make sure the power/ground/remote/rca is properly connected and start adjusting.

the only downfall is that this amp is fused at 160amps which can be a big current draw. other than that, this was a good investment for me. i give it 9.5/10 based on cosmetic, performance, durability, and value. i would recommend this amp if your on the $300 budget for a 1200-1500wrms amp. if your ok with going used, you'll have better selections. (IE: orion 1200d, kicker zx1000, etc). honestly, i would trade this amp for an orion 1200d or a kicker zx1000