View Full Version : What size and tuning for a pure SPL box?

12-15-2006, 12:53 AM
I have an Eclipse Ti 12", it's sealed ATM, I am building a couple boxes to see how I like it. The amp is a Hifonics BX1605d(I know not the best but it moves it) supposed to put out [email protected] ohms, more like 900 though Im guessing.

My first box is gonna be a ported 1.6cubes @ 32hz
this will most likely be my daily box.

I want to make a box for pure SPL. Would something like 3cubes @ 40hz be good, I was told to tune higher for SPL, is this true? Is that a good box size?

and another question do the high tuned SPL boxes sound like ish or do people ever use them as daily driver boxes?

I mainly want to see what the max bass output of this sub is, without making it sound like ish.