View Full Version : Help me choose a MP3 Player

12-14-2006, 03:25 PM
I currently have an Alpine CDA-9855 head unit. I want to buy a MP3 Player to use with it.

Am I better off getting an iPod, then a KCA-420i to control it? Or just an aux-in adapter to connect to the line out of an iPod?

The other players I was thinking about are the Creative Zen Vision:M 30gb, Sandisk Sansa e series, or the Creative Zen V Plus 2 or 4 gb. The Zen Vision:M sounds like the winner for me, mainly because it would hold more music, and doesn't cost much more than the memory based players (I can pick one up from Costco for $200). I would also use the player when snowmobiling and running/hiking/mountain biking. I've heard there's no real durability issues with the HD based players. I have friends with 20 and 30 gb iPods that bike, run, jog with them all the time and they seem to hold up.

If anyone is running something like the Creative or Sansa in their car, does the player automatically shut down when power is cut? Or do you have to turn power off on the player, too?