View Full Version : Tuning system and setting Alpine 9815 EQ and X over

12-12-2006, 11:20 PM
System is 9815 Head Unit, CDT hd-62 front comps run by US Amps MD 22 (about 200w x 2 on those), CDT NEox 6.5" rears running off deck power, and CDT sq1000 10" sub in a 0.5 box getting 500-600w from another US Amps MD 22. In chevy tahoe. I need some suggestions on where to start with tuning system and setting crossover points on deck and amps. Also Im not sure how the EQ works with slope and so on...(i ve read the manual, i can set it but i dont know what settings to use and what they do).

Im trying to get the best sound out of this stuff, thanks for any help