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12-12-2006, 07:45 PM
so i have an extended cab dodge dakota..i just installed my 2 front door speakers (KS6.2) and i love them. but the stock woofers are still in the extended cab part of my truck. and while driving..these are the dominant speakers that you hear.

now in the past my boxes have covered these..so it had kindof a muffling effect on them so i didnt really worry about it, but now that i have the new ones put in, the stock ones stick out hardcore. im plannin on doing a smaller box, so the rear components are gunna have more effect, but will it be worth it to replace these? i know everyones vote will be yes, but the reason im asking is because (the same reason i never did it before) when i had subs back there you didnt even hear the stock speakers because the bass drown them out. and i dont want to invest around $200 more bucks in components for the back, to ultimately be worthless. so would it be worth it to put them back there, or just leave the stock ones and let the front midranges carry the load.

im going to replace them anyways more than likely..i just want some imput.
and i dont know what size components go back there. its not in my manual, i cant find it online..but im sure its a 5x7.

12-12-2006, 07:56 PM