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12-08-2006, 02:31 PM
Hi guys im about to get a remote starter from circuit city and they have two
units that im having a really hard time deciding between. which is the DEI
valet 561R and the Python 1400XP. Ok there doesn't seem to be much of a big
difference in features with these two units (i might like the status light
which i think tells you that you car is actually started) but i don't think
its really worth the $40 difference. My main concern is reach. unforunatly
DEI does not spec range with their remote starters. I know that they are
never 100% accurate but this would maybe allow you to tell if there is a
difference in reach between. the different units. Ok so my question is do
you know/think there would be any range difference between these two units?
I could tell the people are circuit city had no idea and were just telling
me that "Well the more expensive unit should reach farther". I just want to
be able to start my car when im at work. I know i will never have a problem
at home. I'm not even going to be using the remote lock/unlock system of the
units because its much easier to get a ford factor remote entry if something
happens to it. I know i will have to carry two remotes but this isn't a big
deal for me.

Anyways other than that can you think of any good reasons why i should go
with the python over the valet? They are made by the same company and i
would think range would be very similar but i wanted to make sure.

One side question. Most of the units advertize this feature: "Defroster output". Does this mean if you forget to put your defrost on before you get out of your car at night this unit can turn it on for you?


12-08-2006, 07:14 PM
well if ur not gonna use the keyless entry part of it i would go with the hornet 569t. it is just ur basic remote start with no defroster output. but i would go with the python 1400xp, because it is a nicer unit. and actually these remotes are probly cheaper to replace than a ford remote and possibly cheaper, not to mention you can easily program a new remote urself. dont forget ur gonna have extra intems tacked onto the install, like a mercury switch for the hood pin(so the car wont start with the hood open), depending on the year of the car a bypass for the ignition, and probly something else too.

12-08-2006, 09:29 PM
My compustar has worked out to 1/2 mile in flatlands.

works everyday at ~1400' in my office building. :)

Brian Owens
12-08-2006, 09:44 PM
Hold the remote to your chin and it will work farther away. . .No joke.

defroster output - many vehicles, like my suburban, do not have a true mechanical on/off switch to turn on the rear window deforster/heated mirrors. They are made so if you leave the defroster on when you turn the car off, thinking it will be on the next time the ignition is turned on, it will actually be off again. . .

You can get remote starts that have a defroster output that will activate setups like this after the vehicle is started and running.