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12-07-2006, 09:43 PM
selling a chevy k-5 blazer, put over 3k in it lots of chrome parts and everything underneath brand new, drums,hubs,rotors,gears and pumpkin, drivelines,6in lift,eagle alloys,35in pro comp swampers, smogable headers, new altinator,power steering pump,starter,leaks oil around chrome parts like the oilpand and timingchaincover because chrome always leaks lol. can be fixed easily by tightening or resealing. needs some interior work but outside is clean, little dings, paint is black and decent. nice 4x4 top comes off just paid for tags, needs smog, will pass, just dont want to mess with it as im into my 67 cj 5 now so its time to sell the big boy. asking $2500 and ill smog or $2300 and you smog, just needs belt on smog pump and tune up, took it off as dont need it til smog time, will include for another $500 complete 84 gmc just like it for parts or rebuild motor and have 2, registration paid on it as well just ran without oil and knocks some, ran when parked. all parts are swappable with the 88. or sell for $500 needs to be picked up on trailer. can drive black one pulling the red one lol.

12-07-2006, 10:35 PM
Pics of both please.


12-08-2006, 05:20 AM
the red blazer is in bakersfield in my moms back yard no picks but clean for 500, the black blazer my ol lady drives to work and is here in lake isabella, can post some pics tomorrow, its a steal, most are going for 3500 to 5500, and i put lots of retoration to it. got jeep now so its going to go for down payment on ol lady new car.


12-08-2006, 11:37 AM
Im nore interested in the red one actually, but I HAVE to see it.

12-08-2006, 02:57 PM
Im nore interested in the red one actually, but I HAVE to see it.
ok well it dont run and would need to be towed. its in bakersfield, im in lake isabella, ya can get master rebuild kit for $160 bucks, includes piston,rings and all gaskets, got a jeep now so these are useless to me. $500 and tow it away and its your, actually was just fixin to smog it and already paid for tags but when into the mountains and i bought oil and frien forgot to get it in store with other items and didnt realize it til we got way up in there then had to drive home no iol , its not ceased. but black one is a steal, its lifted rancho 6in lift, eagle alloys with pro comp 35in swampers, everything undderneath is brand new, drums rotors brakes rear gears and pumpkin front chrome driveline rebuilt tranny 700r new warn hubs new starter altenator power steering pump motor was rebuilt and i have a coupkle other 350 blocks but one is high perfofmance with cam and other stuff added i was putting in the black one but because of smog this motor wont work, so it doesnt go with it, but have original motor for the black one, too much more to list lots of chrome interior is not the worst but needs to be redone or clean the cartpet and new seat covers, dash and all is good. pretty much everything works just leaks oil around all the chrome parts, valve covers and chrome iol pan lots done , sacrafice $2300 cash you smog or $2500 ill smog, it will pass , but would get it tuned up first as when i put this motor in i never out it to timming light just using distributor rotation as i dont want to mess with it anymore im busy on my jeep and putting money towards ol lady a new car. so if ya want to see the red one its in bakersfield. if ya can go see it ill give ya directions if i cant make it and someone will b there with every thing needed to close deal if ya want it or not

ty john

12-08-2006, 11:59 PM
Well Im in Vegas man. I wont be driving to see it. If no one can get pics for you there, then we should just stop talking now. ;)

I have an engine for it.

If you could kindly arrange some photos please let me know.