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12-07-2006, 06:12 AM
Hi Guys
Id firstly like to commend you on a an informative forum.

I recently got myself 2 audison amplifiers , LRX1.4 and the 4.300.
Im currently undecided on which comps to get.
I wanna go active and am considering the DLS MS6 set, Im not sure
if they'll bring the best out of each other though.

Ive read that Audison and Focal are like bread n butter. As the Focal tweets
tend to be very lively and the Audison high seems to be lacking so this
creates a balanced smooth effect.

Im really set on a DLS comp set but Im a bit worried that the combinantion
might not work as the DLS tweets are a bit on the smooth side.
Will this combo prove to be too 'dull'/thin, as both seem to have similar
characteristics and might not complement each other well?

Anybody ever heard this combination?
Any feedback given will really be appreciated.:)

Thanks in advance

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12-07-2006, 11:12 AM
Matching speakers to amps is a foundless myth. I know a lot of home audio guys are all about it, but unless an amplifier was consciously designed to attenuate a signal, I don't see how it can be lacking in highs. Unless someone can show me a frequency response graph to this effect (and no one ever has), I'm calling BS. And even if it were designed to attenuate a signal, this would be stupid because the same thing could be accomplished through the use of an EQ.

Let me ask you, if Audisons go like bread and butter with Focal, why does Focal no longer distribute Audison? Because it simply sounded TOO good, so they had to break the deal? These are business deals, not matches made in heaven. They no longer distribute Audison because they decided to make their own amps. Audison (Elettormedia) decided to make their own speakers (Hertz). They went seperate ways.

Don't put much faith in that. Get a good amp reasonably in your price range that provides the sort of power and features you're looking for. If asthetics is an issue, consider that as well. There are no magic elves in amplifiers. Don't pay too much attention to marketing myths.

12-08-2006, 02:13 AM
Thanks for the response Notwerk:)