View Full Version : help with speakers

12-07-2006, 12:57 AM
Hi, Im kind of new here, posted on here before but its been a while. I need help on picking speakers for my Hummer H3. So far this is what i want to do,

Need a good 3 way component speakers, ( resonable price)

Also maybe something for the back doors, just to give the passengers something to hear in the back, ( up for any thoughts)

And this is what I have so far,
Pioneer N-3
Atomic Apocalypse AP10 (pair)

My last question, since I want to do atomic product for the back of the hummer, does any one have any advice on atomic amps. I need -

Atomic amp( does anyone recommend a amp to run the ap10)
Atomic amp( one to run the door speakers )

Thanks for your help, sorry about all the questions, this is something new to me.