View Full Version : how to set time alignment for pioneer HU

12-06-2006, 07:53 AM
i have mentioned this in other threads but i wanted to give it its own thread and be more specific.

on my audi a4, the tweets are just lower than the windowsill, and the woofers are approx. 12-16 inches below that.

i start by choosing the position, front left. i believe highs are more directional than mids, so i assumed i should measure the distance from each ear to the respective tweeter.

i didnt bother with the rear speaker positions bc i dont have any, so that part was easy.

1. should i bother measuring the distance to the sub, since 80 Hz and lower isnt directional?

2. there are 2 settings for 2 subwoofers. i only have one, so if i bother measuring (which wont be easy), should i just put the same measurement in for both settings?

i have several other questions about the HU but will relegate them to individual threads. thanks guys.